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    atlantistheroyal- lobby droplet

    In a world where luxury knows no bounds, Atlantis The Royal emerges as a singular oasis of opulence, artistry, and boundless beauty. This oceanfront resort, designed by the world’s foremost architects, artists, and visionary designers, invites you to transcend your preconceptions of luxury and embark on an unparalleled journey of discovery. Atlantis The Royal is not just a destination; it’s an experience that challenges the boundaries of imagination, offering guests a captivating blend of artful masterpieces, iconic entertainment, and exquisite craftsmanship.

    Our Role in Shaping Art & Special Elements at The Royal Atlantis

    We had the distinct honor of executing a myriad of art and special elements that elevate this luxurious destination to unparalleled heights. From concept to creation, our journey was a testament to dedication and excellence, ensuring that every corner of The Royal Atlantis tells a story of bespoke elegance and creative brilliance.

    Our role in executing art and special elements at The Royal Atlantis is a harmonious blend of expertise and artistry. We understand that every detail matters, from the intricate design of bespoke furnishings to the precision installation of artistic masterpieces. Our team of skilled artisans, designers, and craftsmen worked tirelessly to ensure that each element seamlessly integrated into the resort’s vision of luxury.

    From the iconic lobby’s colossal splash to the intricate gypsum wall art that adorns this magnificent destination, we undertook a remarkable endeavor, employing diverse techniques and materials such as stainless steel, wood, glass, gypsum, and beyond. Our mission: to infuse every space with a touch of grandeur and sophistication, leaving an indelible mark on The Royal Atlantis.

    The Lobby’s Grand Splash

    The lobby of The Royal Atlantis is nothing short of spectacular, and at its heart lies a masterpiece—the famous and gigantic splash. This monumental installation is a testament to our ability to think big and execute even grander. It’s a visual symphony that welcomes guests with its sheer scale, precision, and exuberant creativity.

    The royal atlantis lobby sculptor maker

    Lobby sculpture, “Droplets”, representing the first drops of rain in the desert.

    • 3 years of development.
    • 8 months of manufacturing.
    • 3 months of installation.
    • 5 tons of hand forged stainless steel.
    • 11.7 meters high.


    The Fish Bait

    Fish Bait” stands as a luminous testament to the skill and creativity of our team. Crafted from the delicate elegance of glass and the mesmerizing allure of light, this artwork is a masterpiece that captivates the senses and transports you to an ethereal world of wonder

    Fish Bait artwork


    Gypsum Wall Art

    Inspired by the timeless beauty of the sea, our skilled gypsum artists have executed exquisite wall art that pays homage to the ocean’s allure. Every stroke and curve captures the essence of the sea’s majesty, transforming a mere hallway into a canvas of elegance and inspiration. Discover the mesmerizing world of gypsum wall art that elevates your experience at The Royal Atlantis.


    Gypsum decor


    Jumping Water Spheres

    These exquisite spheres, crafted by our professionals team, are not mere adornments; they are the architects of a lively and captivating ambiance. With graceful precision, they perform an artistic water dance that transforms every corner of Atlantis into a spectacle of beauty and vitality.

    Jumping water spheres


    Customized Umbrellas

    From inception to execution, meticulously crafted customized umbrellas that define excellence from A to Z. These bespoke creations not only shield guests from the sun but also elevate their experience to a realm of sophistication and elegance.

    cloud 22 atlantis design


    Stainless Steel Water

    This beautiful element reflects the essence of water in a truly elegant and modern way. Where the timeless beauty of water finds expression through contemporary artistry.


    Stainless Steel decor


    Flower vases: Sculptures with light and mist show 

    At Level 22 of The Royal Atlantis, you’ll discover more than just flower vases; you’ll encounter exquisite trumpet sculptures that come alive with light and mist, executed masterfully by our team. These beautiful creations are more than just decorations; they are an artistic spectacle that adds an extra layer of wonder to your experience.


    • 3 years of development.
    • 1 years of manufacturing.
    • 8 months of installation.
    • 2200 hand blown glass flowers.
    • 4800 units of LEDs.


    Zelige Mozaic Tiles

    Our team has brought to life an exquisite masterpiece—the Zelige Mosaic pool tiles. These tiles redefine elegance at the poolside. Each tile tells a story of artistry and craftsmanship, transforming your leisurely dip into a visual delight

    pool tile design

    Swimming pool entirely covered with Moroccan “zelige” (tiles) made by hand.

    Inspired by Moroccan floral motifs.

    • 2 years of development.
    • 1 year of manufacture.
    • 6 months of installation


    Techniques that Define Excellence

    The execution of these artistic elements demanded a diverse range of techniques—some traditional, some cutting-edge. From the precision of stainless steel fabrication to the artistry of wood carving, each technique was a brushstroke in the larger canvas of The Royal Atlantis.

    What we’ve achieved at The Royal Atlantis is more than just art and design; it’s the crafting of memories. Every element we executed adds to the tapestry of experiences that await guests. Whether they’re marveling at the lobby’s splash or getting lost in the details of gypsum wall art, they’re participating in a journey that defies the ordinary.


    Behind the Scenes: Creating Artworks, Bespoke Elements, Sculptures, Chandeliers, and More


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